This information is typical of the way this course is conducted. Please recognize that this information is subject to change at the discretion of the individual instructor.

Lead Instructor: Russell Marcks syllabus
Office: 1013
Phone: 512-2242

Course description:

Basic theory and application of measurement, instrumentation, and control as applied to engineering processes including HVAC. Course will cover pneumatic and electronic instrumentations and control systems.

Credit hours: 3
Lecture hours: 2
Lab hours: 2
Prerequisite: MET 205, EET 119

Course objectives:

Class Policies:

  1. Bring to class each day:
  2. Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted in the classroom.

  3. Letter grades are assigned based on your final average:

    Refer to the syllabus for weighting of grades

  4. Homework: Homework problems to practice and study are shown on the class schedule. The problems listed are a minimum number of problems you should attempt. All homework is due one week after it is assigned.

  5. Laboratory exercises: There will be at least on laboratory exercises per class period. Some exercises are comuter simulations, while others are exercises with actual field equipment. All lab exercises are designed to illustrate certain concepts explained in lecture. A list of the lab exercises is included on the download page and on the syllabus.

  6. Exams: If a work or family conflict makes it impossible for you to take an exam on the scheduled date, make sure to contact your instructor at least a week in advance to arrange to take it prior to the scheduled date. Missing an exam without contacting me prior to the scheduled date will result in a zero for that exam.

  7. Attendance: I will take attendance at the beginning of each class. If you are late be sure to contact me at break so that I can mark you present. Missing one class in this course means missing about ten percent of the whole course. Most students can only be successful in this course if they attend class regularly.
    There may be times when you cannot make it to class. If this is the case, call and leave a message on my voice mail or [preferably] send me an email. In doing so, an absence will not have a negative impact on your grade.

  8. Help: For help, come to my office during my normal office hours or make an appointment for another time. Contacting me by telephone or email is also a good way to get help with a specific problem, provided that you have worked diligently on the problem before calling.

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