The following syllabus is provided for your benefit. Every precaution is taken to make sure it is accurate. However, if there is any discrepency between this page and the syllabus given to you by your instructor, the syllabus you received in class takes precedent.

Course Syllabus

Session Topic Reading Assignment Homework
1 Processes and Process Control Systems
  • Block & Schematic Diagrams
  • The Pump Curve
  • The System Curve
  • Variable Speed
Component Sensitivity
  • The Heat Exchanger
  • Control Valve Selection
LAB: Introduction to PC-ControlLab
LAB: Control Valve Simulation

Homework #1 - Valves

Lab Exercise 0
Lab Exercise 1
2 Sensors
  • Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Level
  • Sensor Sensitivity
  • Equation of a Transmitter/Sensor
  • Accuracy and Precision
LAB: Calibrating a transmitter

Homework #2 - Measurement

Lab Exercise 2
3 System Time Elements

LAB: Valve and Positioner
LAB: Measuring a Time Constant
Homework #3 - Time Elements

Lab Exercise 3a
Lab Exercise 3b
4 Feedback Control Theory - Proportional Control

LAB: Controller Study
Discussion of requirements for lab report
Homework #4 - Controllers

Lab Exercise 4
5 Control Theory
   Compensation Reset

LAB: Reset Controller Setup
08_reset.pdf Homework #5 - Reset
Comprehensive Lab Report - Rough Draft Due

Lab Exercise 5
6 Comprehensive Lab Report - DUE
Take-Home Midterm Handed Out

Control Theory

LAB: Using Integral to eliminate Proportional Offset
LAB: PID Controller Simulation


Homework #6 - PID

Lab Exercise 6a
Lab Exercise 6b
7 Take-Home Test #1 DUE
Cascade Control

LAB: Cascade Control Simulation

Homework #7 - Cascade

Lab Exercise 7
8 Control Loop Tuning - Open Loop

LAB: Tuning a Control Loop - Open Loop
Homework #8: Open Loop Tuning

Lab Exercise 8
9 Control Loop Tuning - Closed Loop
                               - 'As Found' Tuning

LAB: Tuning a Control Loop - Closed Loop Tuning
Discussion of requirements for lab report
10_tuning.pdf Homework #9a - Closed loop simulation
Homework #9b - 'As Found' tuning simulation

Lab Exercise 9
10 LAB: Tuning a Control System

Take-Home Test #2 handed out

Lab Exercise 10

Review all material regarding open-loop, closed-loop, and `As-Found' tuning as well as cascaded control. Make sure you have completed all labs and homework regarding tuning processes.

In this lab, we will tune a system in which there exist three interactive loops.
11 Comprehensive Lab Report

Take-Home Test #2 due
If necessary, we will finish last week's lab

The comprehensive lab report and your test is due.

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